Green Camo Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs, Cats To Be Ready When They Need You!

Green Camo Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs, Cats To Be Ready When They Need You!

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Enjoy the comfort of a pet first aid kit full of veterinarian approved items.  The green or pink camouflage colors are the perfect dog gift for any dog lover.  Use the kit at home, camping, hiking, or in the car.  

THE ESSENTIAL PET FIRST AID FOR DOGS – Are you up for dog hiking but you worry about strains, cuts or bleeding wounds, Compact AND Durable Dog Emergency kit has supplies to treat your 4-legged pal. Relax & enjoy the adventure!

YOUR DOG DESERVES THE QUICK ATTENTION WHEN HURT – Don’t waste money on bandages that won’t stick and medical supplies for people. If you love your dog, keep them safe with the Fab Fur Gear Premium Quality CAT & Dog First Aid Kit.

PACKED WITH PET EMERGENCY DOG TRAVEL SUPPLIES, including bandages, medical tape, tourniquet, upgraded metal scissors, upgraded metal scissors, emergency blanket, protective large disposable gloves, sterile gauze, sponges, 10 cotton tip applicators, 10 cotton balls, flea comb.

 EMERGENCY DOG COLLAR + 5 TYPES OF BANDAGES – Unlike other dog emergency kits on the market, the Fab Fur Gear includes not 1-2, but FIVE types of Bandages, giving extra peace of mind in case of cuts, scrapes, injuries,  and sprains.

YOUR TICKET TO DOG-FRIENDLY HIKING WITH SAFETY – Upgrade your dog traveling routine with SAFETY, knowing you’re ready to treat your PET in case of mishap. Lightweight, sturdy handle & military molle on the back. This Dog Gear Travel Bag is a smart choice.