Drink Doggie, the Unique Gift for Dog Lovers that Covers it All!


FAB FUR GEAR® presents Drink Doggie(tm), a dog lover's perfect gift. It's the combination of dog gifts that every pet lover needs for on-the-go.                                               

The combo-packaged gear offers a portable drink water bottle and bowl combination. This dog water bottle is different and durable.  It's made from durable, BPA-free melamine.  The quality bottle lasts longer for those that need continual use.

Drink Doggie is complimented with a dog bone waste container and 5 refillable waste rolls.  Just clip the waste container to your Drink Doggie, backpack or even the dog.  Now, you'll never be caught wishing you had a waste bag.  

Both the Drink Doggie and the Dog Bone Waste Container come with carabiners, clips to use for anywhere that makes sense.    

Drink Doggie literally takes care of two needs in one.  Let's just say that both ends of your dog's needs are covered.  

Using Drink Doggie is easy.

Twist off the bottle, fill it with water and attach it back to the bowl. When it's time to hydrate your pet, elevate the bottle and give it a squeeze.  You control how much water goes into the bowl, so it's a unique system allowing control over the water, so it lasts longer on the outing.  It's up to you to fill the bowl with as much water as you'd like.  

The carry case for the dog waste bags is an attractive dog bone.  It it preloaded with waste bags and comes with five extra rolls.

 So why choose Drink Doggie? It's convenient, easy to use and dogs love it.

Special care in manufacturing and inspection of every item keeps us at Drink Doggie busy.  We personally want every item "up to par," so every owner is satisfied.  And if you're not, we have an immediate "no questions asked return and refund policy."  

If you have anymore questions about Drink Doggie, give corporate a call, leave a message and we will call you back within 24 hours.  It's our promise.