Dog Rescue Isn't Just for Dogs

FAB FUR GEAR is an animal rescue that has a heart for all creatures; dogs, cats, horses and now a piglet.  That's right, we used the profits from our pet first aid kits for dogs and cats  to help save a cute piglet.  This piglet was bought from a breeder without the knowledge of what it would take to be a proper piglet Mother.  

That's when the FAB FUR GEAR girls sprung into action and got the piglet to the proper people use to feeding young piglets every two hours on the  In the picture, he dons a sweater that keeps him warm after a nice meal. He was driven 3.5 hours away from the FAB FUR GEAR headquarters to accompany other piglets and kid (baby goats) getting bottle fed.  His new friend is a 10lb piglet that was in a similar situation. Thank you to all who helped us save the piglet.